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Multi Color Demographic Maps

An example of one of our standard ZIP code demographic maps:

Demographic Map Example

In this example, three gradations of four colors were used to show variations in Hispanic population. This portion of a map is not shown actual size.

Standard Demographic Maps by ZIP Code

All maps are based on our existing ZIP code maps.
Standard ZIP code demographic maps use three gradations of four colors.
1990 data is based on the 1990 Census. 2000 data, 2005 estimates and 2010 projections are based on the 2000 Census.
Only laminated demographic maps are available.
Demographic Data Item Product
Example of Correct
Product Number
Distribution of Hispanic Population DH [ZIP code map #] L* L.A. 5 County Area, CA:
Distribution of Black Population DB [ZIP code map #] L* Chicago, IL:
Distribution of Asian Population DA [ZIP code map #] L* San Francisco Bay Area, CA:
Distribution of Households by Median Household Income DHI [ZIP code map #] L* Miami Co., FL:
Total Population DP [ZIP code map #] L* Dallas - Fort Worth, TX:
*Be sure to mention the data year desired when ordering (1990, 2000, 2005, or 2010).

1990 California Census Tract Family Income Demographic Maps

Family income demographic maps use four colors, eleven gradations.
Map Name Size Edition Map Type Product Code Price
Los Angeles - Ventura Counties 38x29 1993 Paper D13AP $40.00
Laminated D13AL $60.00
Orange - Riverside - San Bernadino Counties 28x29 1993 Paper D13BP $40.00
Laminated D13BL $60.00

Custom Demographic Maps

In addition to our standard demographic maps, we can generate a wide variety of custom thematic maps.
1990 census data, 2000 census data, January 1, 2005 estimates, and January 1, 2010 projections are available for 525 data items.
1990 data is based on the 1990 Census.
2000 data, 2005 estimates and 2010 projections are based on the 2000 Census.
To find out more about the map you have in mind, contact us with the following information:

  • Area to be covered such as:
    • A state
    • A metro area
    • A list of counties, ZIP codes, or census tracts
    • A circle (provide center and radius)
  • Demographic data item(s) such as:
    • Population
    • Race and ethnicity
    • Income
    • Housing
  • Data summary level such as:
    • By census tract
    • By five-digit ZIP code
    • By county
  • Display method such as:
    • Multi-color
    • Gray-scale
    • Monochrome pattern
    • Dot density
    • Symbols
  • Size of map (maximum 32x42)

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